Security Assessment and Consulting (Proactive Is Better)

Using the services of a professional Security Consulting Company to perform a comprehensive and accurate Security assessment on Your Company, Institution, Factory or Home is a prerequisite to curbing crime, reducing your Risk profile and saving lives and money.

It is always a good idea to make use of a Security Consulting Company which has the pedigree to be effective in assisting you with designing, implementing and managing effective, flexible and sustainable Crime Prevention Measures.

Being Proactive, energetic and dedicated to combating Crime should become a habit. Understanding and preempting the Criminal mind should become a hobby...And effective Crime prevention should be undertaking performed with gusto and with one object in mind...Self Preservation    

Intrepid Security Consulting cc is Your One Stop solution to all your Risk and Security related concerns...

We will investigate potential Threat Levels. Appraise any existing Crime Prevention Measures. Investigate and Monitor any criminal activity. Advise the our Client on any and all Risk/Security related issues and assist with the implementation and management of preventative and/or operative measures as required...

Intrepid Security Consulting cc will also investigate, conduct surveillance operations, monitor your Staff, your Family and/or Suspects movements, record specific events, followup and compile Investigation diaries / reports on any '' object, subject or target '' as required by our Client...Confidentiality, accuracy, and diplomacy are assured...

Dave and Raymond are genuine people with a passion for crime prevention, and as such, we have a personal interest in all our clients wellbeing, be it, A Corporate Institution, A Family Unit  or An Individual.

Intrepid Security Consulting cc is there to provide You with the peace if mind which can only stem from knowing that Your Security and Risk Concerns are being handled by Professionals. 

In a nutshell...You, as our Client, will always be given a Professional, no nonsense, honest and cost-effective service with a personal touch....

Nb..Please advise us timeously should International travel be required. Some visas take longer than others to arrange.

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