Investigating Crime, apprehending the Criminal and saving the Corporate World money is what Intrepid Security Consulting cc specialises in .

The Criminal threats to the Corporate, Business and/or Factory Environment are many to say the least. These threats assume many guises and attack the 'Corporate' from all sides. They manifest themselves, internally, as well as from many external sources .

The huge potential for massive losses in either Human or Financial terms is with out exception, one of the most unfortunate and unpredictable occurrences to befall a Large 'Corporate'  or even a Small Business . It's aftershocks can affect operations and profitability for years after wards . 

Studies have shown that Your Company is more likely than not, going to come under attack from some facet of the Criminal fraternity .

The probability of Your Business encountering some form of criminal activity such as :- 

  • Fraud

  • Theft

  • Espionage

  • Vandalism

  • Strike action

  • Sabotage

  • Arson etc...

is extremely high to say the least.

These and other disasters such as Fire and Flood, to name but a few instances, requires proactive preventative solutions be established .

Most Companies should already have Counter Measures against Criminal Activity in place, to safeguard their Staff, their Premises, their Stock and ultimately to protect their Bottom Line .

For those occasions where these measures were either ineffective or absent, resulting in financial losses, physical violence, loss of Human life and property damage, or, where external Investigation is required due to Sensitive reasons or the need for utilising unknown Investigators comes into play...

Intrepid Security Consulting are the right people for the job .

We have the knowledge and experience required to investigate the crime, identify the perpetrator's and ensure that Justice is done . 

Sometimes forgotten, but definately not the least priority, in solving a crime is, the task of recovering the financial losses incurred through illegal actions from the Criminal. Why should the crook be allowed to keep his or hers ill gotten gains. 

Events such as those listed above and many others not mentioned, have the potential to cripple an industry or business temporarily if not permanently. The resulting social spin off of crime to the country is potentially catastrophic . 

South Africa's criminal fraternity has the current mindset of murder, rape, pillage and plunder.. at any cost..and with no regard to age, sex or race.

Current unemployment statistics are showing a 60% unemployment rate. Some of these unfortunates who have been unable to feed themselves and their families will be forced to turn to crime for survival.

Even those 'Honest' people currently gainfully employed are taking strain to keep up with inflation and are being tempted to take the criminal path . 

The once "honest" employee is under huge financial pressure to provide for his family..If necessary, He will steal from the nearest available monetary source, His Employer..You..The Insured party .

The unemployed man on the street has nothing, and will not hesitate to target the Business community. The "Corporate" is, by it's need to attract Business, wide open to criminal activity .

The Criminals' viewpoint is that as You, as a Corporate Concern and by virtue of Your need for transparency in the marketplace, are a Soft target and insured against loss.

This makes You the obvious target .

The Crime Syndicates in South Africa are growing from strength to strength and will not hesitate to manipulate and coerce the many hungry, desperate, unemployed citizens of this country without mercy, in order to enrich themselves .

They are currently, and will continue to , prey on the unprepared and vulnerable .

This massive potential for both Financial Loss and Moral Destruction of the Fibre of our society goes with out saying...This concerted criminal onslaught on the Business Environment, the support structure of our country will continue having severe negative affects on the economy...Even to the point of personal ruination and bankruptcy .

The financial backlash of White and Blue collar crime on the Countries' economy hits every one of us in the same places...Our pockets and our the family values fall apart.

Every Newspaper and News report on Television and Radio has daily reports on Businesses (small and large) in some stage of Financial melt down...some down to mismanagement but most due to criminal activity. The vast majority of criminal attacks on the Corporate Environment occur from within the company. 

The Corporate and Gaming environment protection and investigation experience garnered by the Members of Intrepid Security Consulting cc, holds us in good stead when it comes to conducting investigations and performing risk analysis in the corporate environment. 

Some of the threats encountered in a large Corporate concern as well as Small to Medium enterprises, are as follows :-

  • Fraud

  • Theft

  • Extortion

  • Misappropriation

  • Petty vandalism

  • Armed Robbery

  • Burglaries

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Truancy & Time Attendance abuse

  • Abuse of Company Property ie..Motor Vehicle

  • Espionage

  • Bribery

  • Corruption

  • Dishonesty

  • Sabotage

  • Kidnapping

  • Trespass

Intrepid Security Consulting cc is extremely well positioned in the Security and Investigations Industry by virtue of the many years of combined experience, as well as, the many unprecedented successes as a result of investigative work undertaken by Raymond Nefdt and Dave Kruger, and this, in some of the most challenging working environments of any Industry.

The Gaming and Hotel Industry is by far, the environment most targeted by the criminal element, both internally and externally.

The ready availability of hard unaccounted Cash lends the casino environment open to abuse .Every type of Crime from petty theft to money laundering, prostitution and murder is par for the course . This extreme variation in criminal activity gives us the flexibility needed to do our work .

The rapidly expanding Cellular Industry from 1994 to 2008 was a prime target for Identity Fraud and Theft. The Foreign syndicates were actively targeting the Cellular Service Providers in their unmitigated quest for untraceable disposable communications. These Fraudulently obtained Cellular Contracts were then used for operating all their nefarious operations..e.g..Drugs, prostitution, child porn, gun running, people smuggling etc.. 

The unprecedented Surveillance and Security policies and procedures inherent in the Hotel and Gaming industry, together with the extremely high performance standards demanded from the Surveillance / Security Personnel.

The above reasons, combined with the necessity for the Surveillance staff to acquire all round working knowledge of every facet of the Industry, has empowered the Members of Intrepid Security Consulting cc with the knowledge and ability to take on any challenge presented us with confidence.  

There is no more satisfying feeling than a job well done...and we love doing a job well..

Nb..Please contact us timeously should International travel be required. Some visas take longer than others to arrange.

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