Do You suspect ongoing Theft or misapproriation at Home.? Are You concerned that your 'trustworthy' Home Assistant may be abusing Your trust and confidence and making him or her self at home at your expense.? Are You concerned that Your Spouse or Partner are not as truthfull about their fidelity as they should be.? Perhaps You suspect your Siblings of errant behaviour whilst you are away or at the office.? Any trouble on the Home front.? Is Your family under threat from external or internal Criminal elements.?

This is when You require a Private Investigator !!.

Intrepid Security Consulting cc will :-

  • Conduct surveillance on spouses suspected of infidelity

  • Conduct Background and Reference checks 

  • Perform Employment verifications on Home employees 

  • Investigate suspected theft in the Home 

  • Install and monitor Covert Cameras  

  • Perform a Risk Assessment on Your residence

  • Carry out Credit checks

  • Perform Criminal checks

  • Provide Close Protection

  • Provide Security Drivers

The Human Race appears to be the only species on Planet Earth inherently capable of crimes of passion, jealousy, hatred, cruelty, cold blooded violence and murder. It is these passions, weaknesses and acts of unnecessary violence, that sometimes steer the undesirable elements in their errant directions .

Sometimes...Not far worse than...Knowing .!!!

Be sure, that the person You are about to hire and give unrestricted freedom to your Home and Family enclave, are exactly who they claim to be...Check them out first..!!!

Are your belongings going missing.? Do You suspect Your home assistants of "bending" the rules.?.Install a covert monitoring  and recording system and find out for sure....

Concerned about Your Personal or Your Families Safety..?..We can help...Security Drivers, Bodyguards and Escorts can make life easier..

All cases are handled professionaly, with compassion, utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Nb..Please advise us timeously should International travel be required. Some visas take longer than others to arrange.

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