Close protection Officer or Personal Protection aka VIP or Body guarding is no longer the glamorous profession of recent history.

Is a Personal, Physical or Financial threat affecting Your lifestyle and Your Peace of Mind..? Are You in need of someone to remove or reduce the Stress that comes with constantly having to keep looking over your shoulder.?

Do You, Your Family or Your Staff or Your property..need a professionally operated Personal Protection service with a difference.? Then Intrepid Security Consulting is just what You are looking for.

It was once considered the prerogative of the fabulously Rich or Famous to make use of "VIP" Protection, as was the preferred term. Often, The Bodyguard was primarily used as a status symbol and only occasionally did the Bodyguard became a necessity.

A Bodyguard, or Bodyguard detail, were usually hired if the target / VIP's Life, or that of the Clients' Family or Business Associates (ie.. Principles or Targets) came under physical or psycological threat (either directly or indirectly) from the Criminal element, and the severity of the threat warranted extra security or when it became absolutely necessary to supplement a Police Protective Detail. Back then the Police Force was still a capable crime deterrent unit .

New school perception has been radically altered by the shift in Violent Crime, from the "Only touching the Rich" to the "Everyones a target" mentality that has been adopted by the Criminal Fraternity. In todays world it is a fact that Everyone is a "VIP." because Everyone is a potential target. The terms Close Protection Officer (CPO.) and Personal Protection Officer, are preferred titles and more relevant in todays world.

In day's gone by, the criminals used to tunnel into the Bank Vault and make a dashing escape to the Bahamas with the loot...Times have changed somewhat...

Today, there is little distinction shown between the Wealthy & the Not so Wealthy.. If You have something that can be stolen and converted into money and or drugs, then You are at Risk. You are a potential target anywhere, anytime , anyplace.

The global economy, food and water shortages, over population together with extended lifespans due to medicinal advances, has made it more difficult for the average person to make an honest living. This forces people to turn criminal, and as life becomes more difficult, so, the criminal elements become more desperate.

One of the softest targets for Kidnapping and / or Extortion, is the Professional Business Person. The person with the authority to sign Cheques, to authorize false payments to Kidnappers or Extortionists & Corrupter. Those Upper Tier Management or Directors with keys and codes to Vaults, and even, in some instances, the spouses of high level Business people whom are caught in compromising positions, whether by devious design or not, and are subsequently coerced or Blackmailed into compromising themselves and the businesses they work for. 

The Kidnapper and / or Extortionist are in their element...Even the criminal element in Somali have little concern about Hijacking Oil Tankers and Cruise Liners with impunity, and Extorting Millions of US$ out of hamstrung Governments...

Where will it stop ?..Will it stop..?

Will it stop before it affects You personally.?, or Your Company.?

Unfortunately Not.!! The situation will only go from bad to worse as the Global Economy dives and Crime becomes more rampant. Our Police force, which is quickly being crippled by poor Leadership and Inherent Corruption at the highest levels, spirals downwards until they will no longer be an effective Crime Fighting Force..

The Sad Truth is that most governments, Worldwide, are trying, and...succeeding.. in disarming the populace..The Gun Free South Africa Lobby, together with our Government, are busy pulling the cats claw's..Do You think the Rabid Dog will be afraid of a de-clawed pussycat..?....our high walls, electronic alarms & electrified fences are not enough ? The Police Service are not able to protect you.?

Private Security Escort Personnel and Security Drivers who are trained in Defensive / Offensive (Threat recognition and evasion tactics) as well as Advanced Driving Skills, can and do, have a positive impact on eradicating Risk for Lower Profile cases.  In all instances the "Principle", this being the "Client" is treated with the utmost professionalism.

Trained Close Protection Officers are more suited to protecting High Risk Targets...

The reality is that we are going to have to look after ourselves in the future..Intrepid Security Consulting cc are able to provide that service...In fact we pride ourselves in doing it well..

nb...Please contact us timeously should International travel be required. Some visas take longer to arrange than others.

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