Undertaking a complete Due Diligence Investigation and not entering Blind into a financial deal is always a brilliant idea. Make it Your idea and get "Intrepid Security Consulting cc" to do the leg work for you.

This is also known as "Financial Intelligence" and is a Critical part of any new financial adventure.

Should You, or Your Business, be looking at entering a particular market sector, contemplating taking on new business partner's or looking at a business merger and/or takeover, then, You need to investigate the situation in depth. Taking any kind of supplied information at face value is hazardous to say the least.

Thorough Background Checks on the Corporation, Business and/or Owners and partners, both Criminal and Financial, as well as personal history and current information on all parties involved, need to be performed in detail and in a non invasive manner.

The validity of all financial claims put on the table as well as any projected profit/loss values must be established before entering into any binding contract. Many people (and sometimes companies) are prone to seeing the rosy picture ahead and ignoring the hidden financial pitfalls cleverly concealed through imaginative and inventive auditing.

Gathering sufficient accurate financial and physical intelligence on Your proposed business venture will assist You in making the correct decisions and will save You time and money.

There are certain individuals and even companies, whose only function is the assisting of flailing companies in keeping the true state of a their clients financial woes hidden from the prospective investor. They are highly adept at what they do and get well remunerated for their efforts.

Sometimes the investor/s do simply not have the time on hand or resources available to fully investigate and establish the authenticity of a business transaction.

This is where "Intrepid Security Consulting cc" are able to assist with any kind of Due Diligence investigation. We will look at all the Corporate Financials. Determine the validity of institutions, individuals and partners/members information, Investigate all anomalies and irregularities, Conduct the necessary Criminal & Financial background inquiries on prospective business partners.

We will also perform the necessary Surveillance as required to establish and confirm physical address and movement data as well as conduct Event Recording and reporting thereof. 

These investigations and inquiries are always conducted in the most unobtrusive manner possible and the Clients confidentiality is assured.

Nb..Please advise us timeously should International travel be required. Some visas take longer than others to arrange.

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