Are You concerned about the safety and security of Family, Property or Staff Members.? effective and reliable Surveillance on those persons under potential threat will lift the burden of concern off your shoulders and allow you the freedom to go on with your daily routines unpeturbed.

Allow "Intrepid Security Consulting cc" the privilege of watching Your most valued possessions while you are free of concern.

Surveillance Operations include the following functions:-

  • CCTV ( Closed Circuit Television). Supply and installation, Maintenance and Repairs to existing equipment, Reviewing of recorded data and logging of specific events.
  • Target acquisition & event monitoring. Photographic and Time / Event logging via visual and/or audio recording as well as eyewitness reports. 
  • Covert and Overt monitoring of any situation, object, vehicle or subject, using any and / or all of the above methods to establish movement patterns of a target. 

The object of Surveillance is to follow, record and determine the movements of any target / subject on request of the client. The ultimate result is to provide evidence (either positive or negative) establishing whether an event either occurred or not. In certain instances the information recorded will be used in a Court of Law to assist in establishing guilt or innocence on the part of an accused.

In this regard, all gathered evidence needs to be collated legally and correctly.The " Chain of Evidence" rules and procedures need to be followed precisly. Failure to follow the correct investigative and legal procedures as set out under the appropriate Criminal Investigations Acts, concerning the offenses perpetrated under the Law of the Land will potentially result in Cases failing to get to the Courtroom, Lost or Stolen  Evidence, Mistrials, Lost revenues, Wasted time and valuable resources and ultimately, in failure to successfully prosecute.

The Years of Hands-on experience gathered by the Members of "Intrepid Security Consulting cc" both in the investigations procedures as well as the Court time incurred as a result of many successful arrests and prosecutions, will insure that time and money spent, will be spent wisely.

nb..Pleae contact Us timeously should International travel and surveillance be required. Some Visas take longer to arrange than others..

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