Face it, Asset management is a drag, Ask any Finance Director. Intrepid Security Consulting cc will assist you in keep tabs on your hard earned cash, see..assets.If you are tired of seeing your profits walking out of the door, we can help you..

Labeling, Logging, Classifying, controlling movement and performing Age analysis on all your Office furniture, electronic equipment and other valuable equipment is not as difficult or time consuming as it may seem.

Intrepid Security Consulting cc have the people and expert know how to assist with your annual nightmare...STOCK TAKE...YEAR END..

Attention Financial Directors and Maintenance Managers..!!!

We can take this headache away from you and save you Time & Money...and release all that extra time for you to do other important stuff..

Nb..Please advise us timeously should International travel be required. Some visas take longer than others to arrange.

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