This page is about Dave Kruger & Raymond Nefdt "Who We are" and, "Where We come from".

Our Extensive Work Record gives You, the Client, an idea of where We come from and describes briefly the level of experience we "bring to the table", so to speak.

"What We do" and "What we Offer"

This is explained further under the "Services Provided" section.

Intrepid Security Consulting cc is all about the following :-

Loyalty, Dedication, Commitment and Service Excellence.

Dave and Raymond, as, the founding Members of Intrepid Security Consulting cc, did not gain our extensive security experience, only by sitting in Conference and Lecture rooms, or by way of reading text books and attending courses.

Yes, We both spent time in the Corporate environment, and valuable experience was gained, however...The real experience regarding the all-important life skills and other knowledge pertaining to operating effectively in the seedy underbelly of the criminal world therefor e being successful in the Security Industry, Crime Prevention and Investigative techniques, was acquired hands on in the streets. This is the most important part of the Security Industry. 

The real nitty gritty working experience, was gained on the job. We have witnessed the effects of Crime on the Victim, first hand.

We have experienced the total disregard for the basic human rights of the Victim and the potential for unremitting violence and the extreme cunning of the Criminal. 

We did not always delegate the unpleasant tasks to subordinates, but were involved in investigations and operations at ground level.

We began our careers at the bottom of the ladder, having to deal with criminals and crime at first hand, entering suspects premises, apprehending and detaining suspects and handling all the legal aspects of criminal docket preparation and criminal prosecution.  

We have had the experience of operating at the level of the criminal. These valuable skills give us the advantage in all aspects of Security, Risk Assessments, Asset Management, CPO or VIP/ Body guarding, Investigations, Crime detection, prevention and successful apprehensions and prosecutions, These "Life Skills" were required in order for us to get where we are today.

Military Training & Operational Duties

  • 1 South African Infantry Battalion    1984 - 1985
  • 4 South African Infantry Battalion     2 years National Service (1 year Border Ops. included)

Border Tours of Duty

  • 6.1 Mechanized Infantry
  • Mechanized Operations 1987
  • Mechanized Operations 1988  

Security Related Work History

Casino Hotel and Gaming Security, Surveillance and Investigations and Miscellaneous Operations 16 years Total ( 4 of those years supervisory and 8 years Management )  

Worked at Carousel Casino, Wild Coast Sun; Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino (opened); Emperors Palace (opened). 

  •      Surveillance Operations and Procedures
  •      Gaming Security and Monitoring
  •      Hotel Security (Internal) Operations
  •      Complex (External) Operations
  •      Investigations (Fraud, Theft, Robbery, Vandalism, Bilking, In-house originated crimes and external influence, Crime Syndicate activity etc..)
  •       Covert and Overt Sting / Undercover Operations
  •       "VIP" Protection / "CPO" aka Close Protection Operatives
  •       Crowd Control and Event Management
  •       Legal Proceedings (Opening Criminal cases and Court Attendances either as Complainant or in State Witness Capacity)
  •      Internal Hearings (Initiating, Chairing and Witnessing and Investigating)
  •      "CIT". (Cash In Transport) Escorting and Surveillance
  •      Riot Control 

Corporate Environment   20 years total

  • Retail Industry (Factory, Logistics, Warehousing and Retail)
  • Cellular Communications (Factory, Logistics, Warehousing and Retail)
  • Entertainment Industry (Night Club and Special Events)
  • Nightclub Security and Crowd ManagementTransportation Industry (Taxi Business Affairs Surveillance and Protection)
  • Hospitality Security Management & Health & Safety Functions
  • Plus lots more..

Cellular Fraud Investigations

  • Vodac (Started Investigations Department)
  • G.S.M. Direct (Now Vodacom Service Provider)  
  • Altech Autopage Cellular
  • Fraud and Theft Investigations (Internal and External)
  • Financial and Criminal Checks
  • Bad debt (Tracing and recovery)
  • Criminal Procedures and Court Proceedings
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • HR. Functions
  • Covert and Overt Sting Operations
  • SAP 13 requests for confidential information
  • OHASA (Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Access Control and CCTV
  • Insurance claims investigations
  • VIP and CIT Protection
  • External and Internal Security Functions
  • International and Nationally Operated Crime Syndicate Investigations
  • Factory / Warehousing and Retail Logistics, SOP's and troubleshooting etc..
  • Crowd Management and Riot Control
  • Event Management and related Security functions

Other Work Experience  (Non-Security Related and other technical)

 Technical / Trade Experience      18 Years Combined

  •    Telkom Technical Training
  •    Qualified Electrician ( National Railways of Zimbabwe, Iscor Iron and Steel )
  •    Security alarms, CCTV, Gate automation, Electric fencing, etc..
  •    House Wiring, (Installation, maintenance, repairs etc..)
  •    Air Conditioning (Installation and maintenance..)

Nb..Please notify us timeously should International travel be required as some visas take longer than others to arrange

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