Forgery and Uttering are one of the Great Criminal Plagues of Modern day Industry. These crimes are here to stay because they are probably the most lucrative of all the financial Crimes. Effective Document Verification and Forgery Detection is key in Loss Prevention.

Effective Loss Prevention and Risk Management methods are essential to all Business Environments. Fraud Prevention, and in particular Forgery and Uttering detection methods, are the front row of the battle against Financial crimes. Effective (S.O.P.'s) Standard Operating Procedures such as early preemptive Forgery Detection must be in place and operating efficiently to make a difference.

Identity Document Verification devices and Staff training in Forgery Detection, as well as other Loss Prevention Initiatives, ie..Financial Incentives or rewards for Crime Detection are also effective weapons in the Businessman's Anti-Crime arsenal .

Definition of "Forgery"

  • The act of reproducing something for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose
  • Something forged, such as a work of art or an antique

 (Law) Criminal law

  • The false making or altering of any document, such as a cheque or character reference (and including a postage stamp), or any tape or disk on which information is stored, intending that anyone shall accept it as genuine and so act to his or another's prejudice
  • Something forged
  • (Law) Criminal law the counterfeiting of a seal or die with intention to defraud

One of the major concerns in Business today is the presentation, or utterance, of Forged Money, Checques, Duplicated (Cloned) Credit Cards and Falsified EFT's (Electronic Fund Transfers).

In many instances the crime will go undetected through negligence, laziness, poor training or collusion.

I was once told that for every article stolen or misappropriated, the service provider needs to sell 10 more to recover costs. I believe that the Retailer or service provider never fully recovers the lost cash.

Insurance is a temporary hedge against feeling any immediate loss, but the retailer always pays in the end, through ever increasing insurance Premiums and penalties imposed for Insurance Claims.

Definition of "Utter"

uttered, uttering, utters

  •  To send forth with the voice: uttered a cry.
  •  To articulate (words); pronounce or speak.
  • (Law) To illegally issue or present (Counterfeit Money,Forged Checques for example) into circulation.
  • To publish (a book, for example).
  • Obsolete To sell or deliver (merchandise) in trading.

Fortunately. There are methods and training available to restrict losses through Forgery, Uttering and  Misrepresentation. They encompass the following:-

  • Fraud and Forgery, Awareness and Identification Training
  • Training in identifying Criminal Method Operandi (M.O.)
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Forgery Detection Instruments
  • Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.P.s)
  • Covert and Overt Operations (Sting Ops.)

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