When Large Groups, such as Tourists or Corporate Teams are traveling, either Abroad or at Home, visiting Tourist Attractions or attending Seminars, it would be advisable that the Tour Group Organizers', source and provide an adequate and effective Security Detail.

Traveller Protection Services and Traveller Insurance are both essential to ensuring safe and hassel free travelling for either the Tourist, or the Corporate Traveller. We provide 'On the Ground' Security Services, You will need to contact Your Travel agent about travel insurance.

Some of the areas visited, are, by nature, significantly more volatile and dangerous than others, for the unsuspecting and ill advised visitor. The reason for this elevated crime level is partly due to the unusually high rates of unemployment prevalent in todays world, and the crimes associated with the unemployment factor.

This modern trend generaly holds true throughout the Modern World and is not only pertinent to South Africa. In fact, The chances of being Hijacked or Robbed in one of the more affluent areas of Johannesburg..eg, Houghton or Sandton, are perhaps even higher than in Soweto or Alexander.

The Criminal takes advantage of this depressed environment and thrives on Human weakness and Greed. The latter day Criminal manipulates the desperate and the needy to His advantage and benefits from this. His preferred target is the unprepared Tourist who is lulled into false security by being part of a large group.

People traveling in large groups are generally less observant than they should be, and this makes a group such as described above, more at risk of becoming a target for the Criminal community. The Tourist, or group traveler is also an easy target for the Scam Artist or Pickpocket, or even the Armed robber.

Protecting any Large Group of Visitors or Business People from 5 up to 60 or more on a sight seeing tour or shopping in a busy mall requires a special type of close Protection Operative. One with a different mind set, especially when Language Barriers and customs and cultures come into play.

The Tour Guide is normally alone and is almost never trained to identify Potential Risk Factors in the immediate environment. Most Tour guides do not have the mindset required to act effectively and quickly in a threatening situation should the need to do so presents itself.

Intrepid Security Consulting cc have gained invaluable experience Protecting and Escorting Large Groups of Tourists, VIPs and Large Corporate Research Teams In and around, some of the most dangerous areas in Southern Africa.

Amongst Others, We have protected Statesmen and Government Officials as well as Corporate Leaders, visiting Journalists and IT Specialists.

nb..Remember to get in contact with us timeously should International travel be required.. Some visas are more difficult to arrange, and take longer to process, than others..

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