Organizing a Special Event, Expo, Conference or Function.?

Who is Watching the Watchers.? Having Covert Surveillance and backup Monitoring is always a good idea.

We will provide undercover operatives to keep tabs on the Vendor's and Restaurant and Access Control staff at Your facility. Watching for unauthorized access,  and theft.

Having a Wedding, Engagement,  Birthday or 21st party.?

There is nothing worse than a stolen motor vehicle, theft out of motor vehicle or a drunk unwanted gate crasher spoiling the mood at a function...and that is probably the very least that can go wrong in the South Africa of today.

Feel confident that Your Family, Friends and other Most Valued Guests and their Property are safe and sound whilst You enjoy your party. There is nothing better than knowing you are well protected and safely secured by professionals who know their stuff.

Nb..Please advise us timeously should International travel be required. Some visas take longer than others to arrange.

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