Do You have concerns about what happens to your motor vehicle or assets when you aren't around.? it is now possible to track almost any object or subject You can think of, at a really reasonable rate. 

We can even track and monitor fluids, powders and grains such as tanker transported feeds and fertilizers etc.. 

We can also monitor and report on vehicle speeds, movement, locations etc of motor vehicles, motorcycles, product shipments, parcel deliveries, spouses and errant children and animals (including wildlife and breeding stock).

Here is the kicker....It is even possible to phone in to the device and listen to what is happening in the immediate vicinity...Smart that is..don't you think.???

It's a small, unobtrusive and highly flexible movement tracking and motion recording location device and very affordable...even to the private individual..

For the corporate or business wanting to set up and snare that sneaky employee or thief who is syphoning of animal feed whilst delivering to Your Client or diverting that valuable crate of cellular phones or high fidelity stereo equipment to line his own pocket whilst fleecing you of Your bottom line.

This is the getting your vanishing profit back...

It is also traceable, recoverable, rechargeable and reusable....internationally..

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