An affordable Wireless, 4 (four) or 8 (eight) zone, Burglar Alarm system with a built-in, programmable, 6 (six) number dialler (Telkom or Cellular), sound bomb and 2 (two) remote controls and all at a fraction of the financial outlay and inconvenience of any other system, (wired or wireless) on the market in South Africa.

The basic 4 zone system (with 4 p.i.r's), will cost in the region of only about R300-00 and the 8 zone system (8 p.i.r's), will set the home-owner or small business back a paltry R4000-00 or there-a-bouts. This is a fraction of what a similar product would cost here in South Africa today.

The Passive Infra Red devices (p.i.r's) in Wireless systems are less susceptable to weather and lightning strikes than wired intrusion detection systems, which, as any existing alarm system owner will agree with, is the bane of any/most electronic intrusion detection systems. Therefore less costs involved when the weather shows it's omnipotence.

The wireless systems of the past had a stigma, and in most cases..rightly so.. attached to them for unreliability and failure to perform to expected standards..Advances in Technology have almost completely resolved the inadequacies of the earlier systems.

Most importantly..An end to unsightly wires running around (and falling off) your newly painted walls and, finally, an end to the glue or silicon turning a gastly yellow as the years go by.

The passives are moveable if relocating them is required (only to with-in effective transmitter/receiver range).

The passives (p.i.r's) use batteries...either disposable or rechargeable units..whatever your preference.

Installation is simple and speedy...depending on whether you decide to drill and screw or nail mount the system, use double sided tape or simply leave standing loose at crucial positions.

No more "day's or weeks" of intrusive activity, dirty walls and roof access panels and all the persistent drilling noise around your premises.

Having 6 possible numbers programmed into the device means that you can choose who to advise if an intrusion is detected. You can alert your local police, neighbours, friends and relatives or your local armed response team.

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