Is Your "Smart" electric fence losing its zap..?? A well constructed and properly erected Electric Fence is an effective intruder prevention and early warning alert device. A shoddy installation is a waste of time, resources and money. it's often the small things that make the difference between an asset and a nightmare.

There is nothing worse than a shabby electric fence...Many fences are erected by persons or companies who take shortcuts in construction and use inferior or incorrect coupling and straining devices. This will drastically reduce the effectiveness and lifetime of the fence installation.

Intrepid Security Consulting will appraise your existing smart fence (new or old), and advise on its construction integrity, overall build quality and soundness..Getting a Company in which knows what they are doing in before the fence starts to degrade is highly recommended.

We will inspect and quote on repairs and effect any upgrades and repairs required to the electrified fence in order to keep your fence operating at optimal efficiency.

We will do small to medium installations as and when we are able, on special request from customers. 

When you invest so much money on a Smart fence, You deserve to be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that your perimeter, and your family, is well protected...

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